Best Travel Insurance for Seniors Travelling to Canada

We have been offering the best travel insurance for seniors travelling to Canada for many years. Our customised plans of senior travel insurance for Canada help you find the right coverage without any challenges. Helping you choose the best travel insurance is important to our certified insurance agents. We have connections with most of Canada’s top insurers, whilst other businesses only have one insurance carrier at their disposal. This means we can create individual plans that no other broker can provide. Also, to make sure you’re paying the lowest price for the best overall coverage, we will bargain on your behalf.

We will look for the best policies for you after knowing about your specific travel goals and medical requirements. We have always been the No.1 choice for travel medical insurance for seniors going to Canada as our relationship with you does not end once you buy a plan. We will not charge you if you need to change or cancel your travel arrangements, and we are always ready to answer any queries you may have. Moreover, before you sign, we will provide you with a clear explanation of your options in words you can understand. We provide a variety of insurance packages that cover COVID-19 and come with extra features aimed at helping you in the event that you do contract COVID while travelling.

Our company helps you figure out the level of coverage are you comfortable with, and the exact pricing. Travel can become stressful and costly due to unplanned delays and cancellations. Our best travel insurance plans for seniors over 70 visiting Canada can offer peace of mind during trying times with coverage for cancellation of a non-refundable trip due to a medical condition that prevents travel. We also offer assistance for delays while travelling that result in financial loss, interruption of a trip due to an emergency at home, lost or delayed baggage while travelling and pre-existing conditions.