Super Visa Insurance in Canada for Long-term Visitors

We can provide the right coverage if you need travel medical insurance for a super visa application to Canada. Visitors entering Canada must have at least $100,000 in health coverage offered by a Canadian insurance carrier in order to apply for a Super Visa. This makes sure that guests can afford medical care should they get sick or hurt while in Canada. Our super visa insurance for Toronto provides simple, cost-effective protection that satisfies the requirements for applying for a long-term visa. It includes coverage for up to 365 days in Canada with no expiration date exclusion and the flexibility to return home during the trip without having coverage cancelled.

In order to deal with the backlog of applications from visitors who requested longer stays in Canada, the Canadian government launched Super Visas in 2011. The super visa, which has a ten-year maximum validity, is offered to eligible parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents and citizens. The Super Visa allows a stay of up to two years with the possibility to ask for an extension, in contrast to the standard visitor’s visa which permits a stay of only six months. We have a team of experts to make sure that you choose the best super visa insurance to travel to Canada.

Having the appropriate emergency health insurance is essential to guaranteeing a visitor’s time in Canada is secure and worry-free because Canada’s well-known free healthcare system does not apply to visitors from other nations. Visitors who have super visa health insurance can take advantage of Canada’s healthcare system without having to pay out-of-pocket for the majority of doctor visits and operations. In fact, all applicants for super visas are required by law to have adequate travel insurance. The applicant must show evidence of current emergency medical insurance with a minimum of $100,000 in coverage that has been in effect for at least a year.

You need super visa travel insurance if you are applying for a super visa in Canada. Your application will be approved only if you have the minimal insurance coverage mandated by law, which will be guaranteed by our super visa insurance policy. However, a visitor visa, rather than a super visa, is enough if you will only be staying with family in Canada for fewer than six months. We have an expert team that works exclusively with super visa applicants. We make sure you are able to easily pay for medical services, prescription medications, hospital stays and repatriation without any hassles.