If you’re afraid to get coverage for upcoming travel, this piece of information is for you. You’ve probably read stories over the years about certain Canadians being saddled with doctors over crippling travel medical expenses because of errors on medical questionnaires, like devoted TuGo customer Ron. We’ll be glad to elucidate what a Medical Questionnaire (MQ) is, what TuGo’s MQ deductible is, and the possible solutions to your problems.

What’s a Medical Questionnaire?

For emergency medical insurance coverage, we require you to fill what is called a Medical Questionnaire (MQ) which is a progression of queries about the health of travellers. In order to compute the travel insurance premium cost for people aged 60 years and above TuGo expects you to complete questions regarding suitability and rating qualification in the MQ.

Two Ways to Protect Yourself When Filling Out the Medical Questionnaire

1. Confirm that you are eligible for travel insurance coverage.

  • You must be a Canadian citizen by birth or some other way.
  • Make sure you are not travelling against the advice of a doctor or other licenced medical practitioner.
  • Make sure you are not suffering from a terminal illness.
  • You must not be getting palliative care or have not been recommended for palliative care.

2.  Go through the MQ with your doctor to make sure you’re not missing anything.

If you are not sure about any questions, you should not neglect them or answer without considering them. You are suggested to download the Traveller MQ and complete it on your own and seek advice from your doctor if you are not aware of certain contents.

What’s TuGo’s Medical Questionnaire Deductible?

Nevertheless, we acknowledge that inadvertent errors or omissions might occur, making this one of the most common reasons claims are refused. It is still critical to accurately answer the MQ.

TuGo will not deny your claim totally even if you are eligible for coverage but fail to answer the MQ correctly. As an alternative, we will apply a deductible which is $15000 USD. You might be thinking the deductible to be quite irrelevant but it will provide you useful if your medical expenses are in the tens, or even hundreds, or thousands. The bills tally up quite fast due to unfortunate events while being across borders and a claim of thousands of dollars is quite common there.

How can Medical Questionnaire Questions be corrected?

In order to correct your MQ, you will need to communicate the TuGo’s Customer Service team and you must keep in mind that an additional premium may apply. It’s good to contact the expert as soon as you can so that TuGo’s Customer Service can offer you a timely solution.

Why would TuGo provide this deductible rather than dismissing the whole claim?

The financial weight of a wholly dismissed claim might risk that, which we would not want to happen. TuGo is one of the best travel insurance companies in Canada that addresses this issue and we do not neglect our duties for the welfare of our valuable consumers.

The plans are generally long and you become lazy to read them all. One final piece of my advice would be to always read and comprehend your travel insurance coverage and if you have any questions, you can contact your insurance expert or travel insurance provider in Canada to receive the information you need to feel secure about your coverage.